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The Virtual Couch is a podcast is hosted by Tony Overbay, a marriage and family therapist, writer, humor columnist, ultra marathon runner, and motivational speaker. To contact Tony scroll down and use the contact form below. 

29 Julie Christensen psychic medium, lmft pt1

Julie Christensen is an LMFT, as well as a psychic medium and intuitive counselor, and runs Luminous Passages http://luminouspassages.com helping  through mediumship.  She is receptive to the frequency and energy of Spirit. Julie was skeptical growing up but developed her skills after an awakening. 

28 Impostor Syndrome! Changing Negative Stories.

What is “Impostor Syndrome” and how is it affecting you? It's the belief that at work,  home, when you try to do something different, somebody is going to tap you on the shoulder, tell you that you’ve been figured out, that you aren’t a person who can change, Tony tells you how to overcome this. 

27 Author Joshua Shea Overcoming Porn Addiction

Joshua Shea is a former politician, magazine editor and "regional celebrity" that had it all until his world came crashing down with his arrest for underage pornography. His book is titled The Addiction Nobody Will Talk about: How I Let My Pornography Addiction iHurt People and Destroy Relationships

26 Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Marriage Help

Evidence-based couples counseling theory Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) originally developed by Sue Johnson. EFT uses attachment theory principals to help create an entirely new, and immediately effective, way to communicate with your partner, your children, your employees, anyone in your life. 

25 Better Parenting Now! Nurtured Heart Approach

Learn how to be a better, more effective parent while helping your children develop inner wealth, confidence and an overall positive view on life while still offering clear boundaries and consequences! Improve your parenting immediately, and gain tools for long-term success and sanity!

24 The Do's and Don'ts of Setting Resolutions

Tis' the season...for setting New Year's Resolutions. Tony tackles the top resolutions, why people do or don't set resolutions and how to be successful if you do! Sponsored by Eli's Extracts all natural, organic shave cream, use coupon code virtualcouch for 25% off your order. 

23 amazing parenting tips with robyn copa

Parenting Magic's Robyn Copa talks about what led her from a successful career as a high school teacher to working for a company focusing on teaching kids using the latest in brain research to now interviewing people for Parenting Magic and helping them become better parents. 

22 Porn Addiction, the brain and helpful tools

Is pornography an addiction? Tony believes it is and breaks town two significant reports on porn's impact on the brain. Special thanks to Fight The New Drug for their powerful site full of helpful information. Visit The Path Back or other sites that can help break free from porn addiction.  

21 Big in japan! Derek Wessman on living abroad

Derek Wessman, an American living in Japan moved to Japan 13 years ago and  hosts a local TV program and is involved in Japanese politics. Derek talks living abroad, being in earthquake country, adapting to a society steeped in tradition and culture, and the significance of Japanese food.

20 Mailbag! Favorite kid, Filtering software, JOBS

Tony answers your questions including: is it normal for a parent to have a favorite child, does internet filtering software work, what's up with the scabby face when one google's Tony's name, and is it ever too late for a career change? 

Ep19 Depression w/Nikki Kimball Elite Ultra Runner

Nikki Kimball, one of the greatest ultra runners of all time, discusses her battle with severe depression and the creation of her Integrated Running Camp. Her 273 mile journey along the Vermont Trail was the subject of Finding Traction (Netflix), she is 3x winner of Western States and much more. 

Ep18 Teaching empathy 2 Family w/Robyn Copa

Tony plays audio of interview w/Robyn Copa of Parenting Magic https://www.facebook.com/parentingmagic/ Robyn invited Tony on to discuss teaching children how to develop empathy. They also covered parenting tips, couples communication and several other parenting/couples topics.

Ep17 Setting Health Boundaries w/Shauna Roberts

Shauna Roberts LMFT returns to talk  healthy boundaries. Tis the season for spending time with family which can trigger boundary issues! She provides a checklist to understand if you have issues ID'ing and setting healthy boundaries, and they talk strategies of how to set boundaries w/family, kids.

Ep16 Mental Toughness w/Pro Baseball's Kela Olsen

Mikela Olsen, former pro baseball player (Florida Marlins) current youth trainer and youth/high school/college baseball coach, talks about the pressure of youth sports, specializing in one-sport, travel teams and a very important tool to help youth succeed. Plus what it takes early to be a pro. 

Ep15 Chronic pain w/Darlene Davis MFT

Darlene Davis, MFT, shares her battle w/chronic pain, how it led to her career as a therapist. She suffered severe back pain after a car crash that eventually led to a career change. Her journey through pain, career change, growth, therapy, anger, and recovery will help anyone struggling w/pain. 

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