About The Virtual Couch

The Virtual Couch was created by Tony Overbay

Tony Overbay is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA LMFT#92443), a Certified Mindful Habit Coach (CMHC), and a popular motivational speaker. Tony regularly speaks at corporate training events, schools, and churches in formal and casual settings mixing humor, clinical experience, his Christian faith, and a wealth of personal stories gleaned from years of helping others achieve their goals.

Once a promising baseball prospect, Tony was run over by a 28-foot dual-prop ski boat shortly after his senior year of high school, both of his legs received significant damage. Tony was told that he would regain the ability to walk, but that he would never be able to run quickly, or for distance, as an adult. The accident halted Tony's baseball career, and for the next 10 years he worked as a software executive traveling the world presenting at conferences and trade shows. Tony eventually started several of his own companies in industries from computer hardware, health and beauty, and nuts and bolts (literally!).

Tony felt called to become a marriage and family therapist during a time in his life where the decision to change careers didn’t make sense. His computer company was growing, yet Tony felt called to become a therapist, primarily to work with men's issues. He discovered during his time in corporate America that men have difficulties admitting, and sharing, their weaknesses with others, particularly with themselves and their partners. . It was during Tony's journey as a therapist where he began to focus on helping people overcome addiction, primarily working in the area of pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behavior. Tony is the founder of The Path Back, an online pornography recovery program http://pathbackrecovery.com