Tony answers your questions including: is it normal for a parent to have a favorite child, does internet filtering software work, what's up with the scabby face when one google's Tony's name, and is it ever too late for a career change? 

19 Depression w/Elite ultra runner nikki kimball

Nikki Kimball, one of the greatest ultra runners of all time, discusses her battle with severe depression and the creation of her Integrated Running Camp. Her 273 mile journey along the Vermont Trail was the subject of Finding Traction (Netflix), she is 3x winner of Western States and much more. 

18 teaching empathy to kids/family w/Robyn copa

Tony plays audio of interview w/Robyn Copa of Parenting Magic https://www.facebook.com/parentingmagic/ Robyn invited Tony on to discuss teaching children how to develop empathy. They also covered parenting tips, couples communication and several other parenting/couples topics.

17 Setting healthy boundaries w/Shauna Roberts

Shauna Roberts LMFT returns to talk  healthy boundaries. Tis the season for spending time with family which can trigger boundary issues! She provides a checklist to understand if you have issues ID'ing and setting healthy boundaries, and they talk strategies of how to set boundaries w/family, kids.

16 Mental toughness w/pro baseball's mikela olsen

Mikela Olsen, former pro baseball player (Florida Marlins) current youth trainer and youth/high school/college baseball coach, talks about the pressure of youth sports, specializing in one-sport, travel teams and a very important tool to help youth succeed. Plus what it takes early to be a pro. 

15 understanding chronic pain w/darlene davis lmft

Darlene Davis, MFT, shares her battle w/chronic pain, how it led to her career as a therapist. She suffered severe back pain after a car crash that eventually led to a career change. Her journey through pain, career change, growth, therapy, anger, and recovery will help anyone struggling w/pain. 

14 Couples, Rebuilding Trust w/Dr. Sean Davis

Dr. Sean Davis, PhD, founder of thedavisgroup.org author/co-author of several books on couples therapy,  lecturer and casual turkey-observer. He shares insight on why couples are  resistant coming to therapy, at the end of the episode he shares some great information on building/rebuilding trust. 

ep13 pornography - info, effects & talking to fam

Why we need to talk about pornography w/our families NOW! How pornography effects children, how to talk with our kids from a place of love, not fear, in order to enact change. What the brain does with pornographic images, how the cycle of addiction works, what we can do to break the cycle. 

ep12 raise your emotional baseline = life change!

Tony describes the Emotional Baseline and how raising yours will change your life for the better. What is an emotional baseline, what role does it play in overcoming depression, addiction, anxiety, and how to establish self-care strategies that will make you a better person. 

Ep11 anger! how to overcome w/shauna roberts lmft

Shauna Roberts, LMFT, joins Tony to answer questions on dealing w/anger, where it comes from and the myth about what to do when you're angry that does more harm than good. Plus Q&A about going to therapy, how to interact with your therapist and Tony shares the tale of Pierre San Trey. 

Ep10 Eric schranz urp host and stay at home dad

Ultra Runner Podcast Host Eric Schranz talks about being a stay-at-home dad along with the struggles, comments and expectations from others. How URP almost cost him his marriage and the funniest story you’ll hear involving a 2yr old, a leg cast and peaches.  URP is at ultrarunnerpodcast.com.

Ep9 Paul Gilmartin of Mental Illness Happy Hour

Paul Gilmartin, comedian, and host of the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast, talks about struggling w/depression, starting his podcast, how meditation helped, self-care and why we need to continue to destigmatize and talk about mental health  in society. Find Paul at http://mentalpod.com 

8 Special Race report- cuyamaca 100k & mindfulness

Special “race report” Tony talks about running the Cuyamaca 100k on little training, and how he “mindfulnessed the heck” out of the race Plus questions that about ultra running, and the life lessons learned from competing in ultras. Plus awareness example with a 4-door Porsche and a non-manly bug!

7 Overcoming problems and getting yourself unstuck

How to tackle major problems in life that can cause you to feel stuck. He gives 6 steps for getting “unstuck” and shares how to implement these steps in your life. He also shares the story of how he found himself the recipient of nearly 200 magazine subscriptions during his freshman year of college.

Special how to process tragedy with your teens

As I woke up today to the news of the tragedy in Las Vegas I felt impressed to share thoughts on processing tragedy with  teens and children. It is imperative to help them not only work though emotions but it is equally important to try and help them look for hope moving forward.

Ep5 How to make/break habits that will stick

Debunking the biggest myth in the world of habit change. This will change your opinion on what it takes to create new habits and give you hope that you, too, can create new habits even if you feel like you’ve been unsuccessful in the past. Also story of the one-hour Disneyland shopper’s pass. 

Ep 4 Dealing with narcissism w/author Tina Fuller

Author Tina Fuller "It's My Turn" Talks about growing up with a narcissistic parent, personality disorders, signs of narcissism, and the negative effects of growing up the child of a narcissistic parent. Tina also shares how to heal from the issues that arise from being raised by a narcissist. 

Ep 3 how to deal with unwanted thoughts

Is your therapist, your dentist or your gardener judging you (hint, yes, yes they are!) plus Tony shares a story of being locked out of his hotel room in the buff! And learn how common unwanted thoughts are, whether people are willing to admit to them or not, and what to do with them. 

Ep2 Be Honest With Yourself

Tony answers a question about what to do when you are feeling depressed and why it is important to be completely honest with yourself. Too often we don't want to admit our struggles because we feel "broken."  Understanding ourselves and our struggles  give us power to then work through our problems.

Ep1 How to talk to your teenager

Tony answers a couple of questions including one on the correct age to talk with your kids about the birds and the bees. And then he shares some advice "from the therapist's chair" on how to talk to your teenagers so that they will feel like they can come to you when they are having problems.